Bath Wrights

Wrights to Relax

Bath Wrights Story

Meet Maxine Wright, founder and co-owner of Bath Wrights. Established in 2023 when Maxine's son was experiencing extreme peeling and dryness on his hands and feet, a special product was born led by Holy Spirit. What started as a remedy for dry, peeling skin turned into an everyday bath and shower moisturizing exfoliant. Today, Bath Wrights all natural skincare line is continuing to grow. Reinvent your bath and shower experience by using a variety of Bath Wrights fun, cleansing, soaking, and moisturizing products. 

Wright One: Soaking Salt
Soak in Bath Wrights Blueberry Scented Soaking Salt
Wright Two: Lather Wash
Kiss your skin with lather using Bath Wrights Lavender Honey Lather Wash. 
Wright Three: Moisturizing Sugar Exfoliant
Exfoliate your skin in Bath Wrights Moisturizing Sugar Exfoliant.